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Here's how it works

1. Choose box

2. Choose plan

3. Enjoy

 Each month You'll receive 7 full sized hand crafted herbal products including our wildcrafted herbal teas, a wide assortment of artisan skin care products including our popular all natural deodorants & perfume oils,  bath time supplies ranging from  soaps and shampoos to bath salts or herbal soaks, as well as a whole variety of other natural health & beauty products. 



What comes in it?

Every month you'll receive 7 full sized  naturally based artisan products that range from Herbal tea & soap to shampoo, diffuser and essential oils, lip care, bath time goodies like bath salts,  bath bombs,  skin care products such as astringents and lotions and more. Each product is carefully crafted by us in the Maiden moon Apothecary laboratory.  Each item is crafted in small batches to ensure freshness and quality, using only quality organic and fair trade ingredients. No added preservatives or sulfates.

When is the monthly deadline?/when will I receive my first box? 

Monthly, each box is cut off on the 4th. If you purchase your box before the 4th you'll receive that month's box.  if you place your subscription order after the 4th you will be receiving the following month's box.  For instance, if you place your order on the 9th of December, you will not receive your first Box until January. 
If you purchase your box on the 3rd of December however, you would receive December's box, and so on. 

Can I sign up for just one box?

You can absolutely sign up for a single month, all you need to do is cancel your account in the "my account" section after your order is placed.  As long as your subscription has been canceled before the rebilling deadline your account will be successfully canceled.
Please note we do not offer refunds, if you do not cancel your account in time, it is at your own expense.

How does billing work?

Cratejoy will bill you every 15th of the month, based on your subscription duration.  If you sign up for 6 months you will receive 6 boxes before you are re-billed. Please note that we do not refund subscription fees after they've been charged

Are you an organic company?

Maiden moon apothecary is a naturally based company, which means we keep all of our items as natural and raw as we can.
We use only the highest qualities of ingredients including organic, fair trade, and naturally grown items.
However, we do not hold and organic certification license therefor we do not label with certified organic.

I don't like your box, I want a refund immediately.
Unfortunately we do not offer refund services for items shipped, however we're happy to take care of any customer who takes issue with their box.

I never received my box, where is it?

First make sure that you have waited the appropriate time after you purchase. Make sure your box isn't supposed to ship next month, based on the order deadline.
If your box should have already been to your house and it isn't there, contact us and we'll check the tracking information for you to see what's going on.